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At QED Marketing we are experts in how people make decisions.

QED Marketing combines years of experience understanding the cognitive biases people apply when make decisions with cutting edge communication tools to influence behaviour and shift opinions.

If you’re looking to create action, shift opinion, or change behaviour we’d love to chat with you about how we can help.

Decisions Shaped by Bias

Do you believe there is a changing media environment?


What are cognitive biases?

Cognitive biases are thinking patterns made up of observations and generalizations that can lead to memory errors, inaccurate judgements and faulty logic. They can also cause people to over rely or lend more credence to expected observations and previous knowledge while dismissing information or observations that are perceived as uncertain, without looking at the big picture.


How do people make decisions?

While most people believe their decisions are well thought out, a large portion of the germination and assessment process related to making a decision happens subconsciously, significantly more influenced by cognitive biases than people realize.

Once a decision is made, if we are required to justify our decision, we then access available facts and construct an argument to support our decision.


What are the key decision making biases?

Each individual will experience many biases when making a decision. Two important biases for marketers to be aware of include the False Consensus Bias, which is a tendency to overestimate how much the general population is like us, and the Confirmation Bias which is when people select evidence to support their pre-existing point of view.


What is the Dunning Kruger Effect?

Our most deeply rooted decisions take hold when we feel most confident with our knowledge. One would surmise what we feel most confident in our knowledge as we gain expertise, but the Dunning Kruger Effect proves we are actually most confident very early on, on the knowledge spectrum. The “Peak of Mount Stupid” is the perch of our most affirmed behaviours and opinions.

Our Team

Stephen Carter


Stephen is an innovator, pushing the bounds of what is possible.

He is best known as one of Canada’s leading political strategists, having played a leadership role in the meteoric rise of Calgary’s now world-famous Mayor Naheed Nenshi, and infamous former Alberta Premier Alison Redford.

Following six months as the Chief of Staff to the Premier of Alberta, Stephen joined Hill & Knowlton Strategies where his expertise on political campaigns led to the development of a Campaign Strategies practice. QED is the next bold step in the evolution of his thinking around campaign strategies.

Stephen is also a highly regarded political pundit who appears regularly on CBC’s (Canada Broadcast Corporation’s) Power & Politics; and recently he has received accolades for the witty and irreverent podcast, The Strategists, which is regularly one of the top 10 news and political podcasts in Canada.

Tabetha Boot

Client Relations & Operations

Tabetha brings to QED a decade of experience in marketing and project management.

Tabetha honed her skills in Whistler where she worked her way up to leading the Whistler Blackcomb Public Relations and Communications team.

While in Whistler, Tabetha was responsible for developing and managing the execution of the strategic plan to leverage the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games opportunity. This marketing plan was recognized as a 2011 International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Gold Quill Finalist.

Previous experience in Calgary includes working as an Account Director and Group Leader at Hill + Knowlton Strategies where Tabetha worked with a variety of clients and colleagues supporting national account outreach in the region.

Tabetha holds an executive MBA with a specialty in public relations and communications management from Royal Roads University, a post graduate certificate in corporate communications from Sheridan College, and a BA in sociology from McMaster University. In 2014, Tabetha developed and taught the course Issues Management and Risk/Crisis Communications as the University of Calgary

Heather McRae

Special Projects

With a BA in English literature and an extensive background in event management and communications, Heather has earned respect for her work on an extensive range of projects, from political campaigns to work for the Mental Health Commission of Canada.